Umbrella Insurance

Buying insurance is a lot like buying peace of mind. At Ohio Insurance Alliance Group, LLC, our policies act as a shield against accidents and potential liability. Homeowners insurance and car insurance prevent a massive out of pocket expense if something happens. But what if the damage exceeds maximum coverage amounts or something happens that isn't covered by an insurance policy? With an umbrella policy, higher coverage amounts are standard. You can also insure against intangible damages like slander or invasion of privacy.

What is an Umbrella Policy?

Ohio Insurance Alliance Group, LLC provides umbrella policies for both consumer and business customers. These policies act as a catch-all against liability issues not typically covered by standard policies. For a business, you might choose an umbrella policy if you have multiple locations or operate different types of businesses. For example, restaurants might need separate coverage from retail stores.

For consumers, an umbrella policy ups the total coverage amount and adds extra protection. Imagine you were in an accident and declared at fault in Ohio. Your auto insurance might carry a personal liability limit of the legal minimum in Ohio. If the person injured in the accident is awarded more than that amount, you would be responsible for the remaining amount due. With an umbrella policy, it kicks in to cover the difference up to the higher coverage amount. With an umbrella policy, you could have a maximum coverage amount that is many times higher than any required minimums.

Exclusions and Limitations Apply

Like with any contract, our policies don't cover everything. Some specific exclusions that are typical of umbrella policies include:

In these circumstances, primary insurance is the only coverage, unless we issue a policy with a rider to cover these specific types of accidents.

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