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Do you care about the welfare of your family members and want them to continue living a decent life even after you die? Then you need to consider purchasing a life insurance policy. Today, a significant number of people in Ohio die unexpectedly as a result of short illness or car accidents. Your death can cause a severe impact on your family, especially when you're the breadwinner in the family. However, you can secure the financial future of your family by purchasing a life insurance policy from Ohio Insurance Alliance Group, LLC.

We understand that no amount of money can replace the memory of you when you die, but a policy will be able to take care of your family and give you a sense of ease that you'll be able to prevent any financial struggles that may come. Our life insurance policy comes in various forms depending on your needs.

Term Policy

Our term policy is the simplest form of life insurance that you can buy. With a term policy, we shall compensate your siblings and meet your funeral expenses in case you die before the coverage expires. There is no need to worry since our policy runs for up to 30 years and you can renew your life policy with us at any time.

Whole Life Policy

Whole life policy providers aren't limited to time constraints. The policy spans the whole period of your life as long as you continue to pay the premiums. You can choose between the traditional whole life policy, universal, and universal variable policy. The traditional whole life policy is the most common form of life insurance available.

The universal life policy is flexible and allows you to alter your premium payments when your account reaches a predetermined target. The variable universal life policy combines your death protection benefits and account savings and then invests the money in bonds, stock market, or money market mutual funds. No matter the kind of policy you choose to purchase, you can be assured that your loved ones won't suffer when you are gone.

Contact Ohio Insurance Alliance Group, LLC for more information about life insurance policy. Our agents can answer your questions and help you start a policy right away.

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